• Strut Mount

    The strut mount provides a locking mechanism to lock the strut and body together. It prevents noise and vibration from the road from making their way into the vehicle. The strut mount also provides a pivot point for the suspension to rotate on. Yunqi applies professional technology and good equipment to develop and manufacture various strut mounts for you; through fatigue and stiffness testing we unremittingly adjust the performance, guaranteeing the durability of our products, ensuring proper stiffness and optimizing NVH, suspension and steering performance effectively.

  • Quality and Performance

    We natural rubber material, which is odorless with stable property. 

    For each product, we have calculated its best vulcanizing time, 

    temperature and pressure through many times test.
    All of our products go through 600000 times cycle of fatigue test, 

    ensuring the durability.

Product Develop & Updating

Yunqi constantly develops new product and launch on the market according customer and market needs, expanding our product catalog.
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